03 January 2010

2009 : A Monthly.


January. Well, it was really cold. 

February. Still very cold. 

  • The suicide of a close friend rocked my mind. I spent the month and many consecutive months asking many questions, struggling with school, and unsure of how this fit into the construct of God I'd previously held. In the end though, I can only thank Peter for having taught me a lot about life in general and myself. Including how to live more passionately, care more about people, and to love God with purpose. But I didn't learn any of that in March - that's what I've learned so far in the past nine months. And I'm sure I have more to learn.

  • This month I also traveled to  Texas for the first time. This trip included plenty of fajitas and chances to see friend I had met when I was abroad.

April. Another first time trip - this time to Chicago! There with the other Wittenberg Communication Leaders I pitched a social media rebranding campaign to Google!

May. I graduated from college!

June. A boring month in which I worked part-time at Job & Family Services of Clark County and moved like three times. 

July. A friend of mine from Texas came to visit and we ventured to Chicago for my second trip there!

August. Living with my parents (literally, I had a bed in the dining room). Working in retail. Highlight: seeing Cirque du Soleil!

September. In addition to my 23rd birthday, I started my first full time job, moved back to Springfield, and attended the Steelers season opener!

October. Homecoming (my first as an alumni) at Witteberg and Halloween (Zach and I dressed as the painting "American Gothic"). 

November. An epic Thanksgiving with Zach visiting both his parents and mine. 

December. Christmas. My first as a full-fledged adult. It was weird to not to be home for more than a day or two and to buy gifts myself for everyone. Hmmm ... 2010 is sure to be an interesting year.

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