25 January 2010


Yesterday at the store, I saw a little clear plastic container of alfalfa sprouts... and I figured, what the heck! So I picked them up an had my first adventure with them today!

Before I let you in on my lunch, I have to give you the scoop on this little guys... Alfalfa sprouts are a germinated alfalfa seed and only take like 7 days to grow! (Which also means you shouldn't let them sit in your fridge for too long.) The sprouts are grown through a soaking process and are easily susceptible to bacteria because of it .. so wash 'dem sprouts!

Juicing for Health thinks alfalfa sprouts are the bomb-diggity. If you click through to their website you'll find quite a list of why sprouts are good for you!

And if you're simply looking for some folks who love sprouts, check out Sprout People!

Now on to my lunch for today...

A Sprout Sandwich! 
Okay, this is simplicity at its finest, but I'm hoping to try a few other nifty things with sprouts this week and am sure to keep you posted.

Seen here partially eaten:
-2 slices of toasted and butter wheat bread
-a fat free american cheese slice
-2 deli style lunch turkey slices

I love sandwiches. So I really love them in any possible fashion, but this definitely gets my seal of approval for its crunch! Two thumbs up to a sandwich that quick, easy, delicious and nutritious!


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  1. Nice Kristian. :) I post something about Brussels sprouts on my blog, you post something about alfalfa sprouts... It's like a comeback of everything the world's children hate! Michelle Obama should send us a "Thank You" card for fighting childhood obesity.