25 April 2010

Sunflower Seed Bread

Please do yourself a favor ... Go out and purchase some sunflower seed bread. Delish!

The density and texture of this bread reminded me of all of the breads I had as I traveled through Europe in 2008. So for me this bread not only stimulated my taste buds but also some great memories!

I was simply too excited to take a picture of the sandwich I made with it yesterday, but tomorrow I will be sure to do so!  :)

13 April 2010


"Everything seemed so vivid and acutely focused and new. I felt like someone stepping out of doors for the first time. It was all so different: the language, the money, the cars, the number plates on the cars, the bread, the food, the newspapers, the parks, the people. I had never seen a zebra-crossing before, never seen a tram, never seen an unsliced loaf of bread (never even considered it an option), never seen anyone wearing a beret who expected to be taken seriously, never seen people go to a different shop for each item of dinner or provide their own shopping bags, never seen feathered pheasants and unskinned rabbits hanging in a butcher's window or a pig's head smiling on a platter, never seen a packet of Gitanes or the Michelin man. I don't know why this amazed me so, but it did. I kept thinking... they are from another world. It was just wonderful." 

 -Bill Bryson, from "Neither here Nor there: Travels in Europe"