26 June 2010

Saturday Morning Love

The makings of an excellent Saturday morning:

a delicious breakfast + some blog reading + the farmer's market + garage sales + beautiful weather!

25 June 2010

Protein Pancakes [A Recipe]!

I discovered this recipe at Girl Get Strong, a website with great fitness and healthy cooking tips! I'm always been a complainer that after just an hour or two my stomach is growling regardless of what I've eaten or how much of it I had. So, as I began to learn more about food and learn that protein and fiber both have great staying power, I found a win in this breakfast treat - it's loaded with both! You can just ask Heather about how excited I was and how I often I made these. I've adapted the recipe to not need a blender, be made with less ingredients, and to make only one pancake - double, triple, quadruple as desired!

 Protein Pancake
makes one five-inch pancake

1/8 C Quick Oats
1/8 C Fat Free Cottage Cheese
1 Egg White
1 tsp Applesauce
dash Vanilla Extract
dash Cinnamon

Toss everything in a bowl and whisk it together! Make it on the stovetop as you would a normal pancake! 

Serve with syrup or your favorite pancake topping! Give it added staying power with a topping of fruit and yogurt! 

A few thoughts: - 1/8 C = 1 Tablespoon, - Be sure to spray your pan first with nonstick spray, - Keep your heat at a low setting to help these cook evenly, - When it looks like its ready to flip - wait a smidge longer and then flip it, - If you don't like the texture (which I love), toss all of the ingredients in the blender and make it into a smooth batter.

Check it out - almost 9 grams of Protein per pancake - and I can't imagine you'll only eat one. For reals. Nutrition Facts provided through the recipe analyzer at Calorie Count!