04 February 2012

Wedding in Review: Locations

So I've been wanting to get back at blogging, but I just didn't know what to write about... so I decided a good place to start would be with something that was basically my favorite thing ever ... Zach & I's wedding day! So then I also remembered how I must have read a billion blogs in the 11 months through our engagement. So, I thought I'd do a series of posts about a few of the major decisions that we made and a few of my favorite things from the wedding.

I think a good place to start is with one of the very first decisions we made.... location(s)! I have to start by telling you about the reception, because we made our ceremony decisions based on it!

The Reception: The Westcott House

 Early in the summer of 2010 I had the chance to go and view the Westcott House (Springfield, OH) as part of a job I was doing at the time. This was not my first time at the beautiful facility, but it was my first time to find out that they held events there! So when Zach proposed in September, I insisted that we go and check it out! Zach fell in love with the architectural charm and clean lines. I was head over heels because my love for nostaligia, vintage, and charming were epitomized in this Frank Lloyd Wright turn-of-the-century home. Step two was inviting my parents out to see it and they fell in love with it for all the same reasons!

The Westcott House has a large backyard and we determined that the day of the wedding we would be putting a large tent out in the backyard underneath which dinner would be served and our guests would be able to sit at tables.

Let me take you on a little photographic tour through the house:
The "front door" which is really on the side of the house, but is the main entrance that we invited our guests to enter through.

The inside of the front entrance - Wright wanted visitors to get a grand view of the house and skylights upon entry, so you went up the stairs when you enter!

The "library" - on the first floor

The "dining room" which is also on the first floor. All of the furniture is built in!
The "kids room" on the first floor as well!
The beautiful staircase leading upstairs

One of the upstairs bedrooms (where we set up nostaligic family wedding photos, my grandma's wedding dress, and the gift table)
The gorgeous skylight on the second floor!

A balcony off the second floor bedroom!
Beautiful awnings that are part of the Westcott's front porch
The tent in the backyard, full of guests!
Our tent with the dance floor on the inside .. a last minute change thanks to the "monsoon"!

The Ceremony: Fifth Lutheran Church
 Soooo... we had a reception place picked up, but we still needed somewhere to get married. Zach and I really wanted to get married in a church because our faith is God is so central to our relationship... so when I was leaving the Westcott House I noticed that there was a small church across the street. I walked over, when in, chatted with the Psator, and the rest is history! The church was just big enough, seating 200 maximum. During the ceremony though, it felt so intimate because the fabulous ushers (my brothers and Zach's nephew) did an awesome job searing everyone towards the middle, so it felt so amazingly intimate. We didn't use any microphones for the musicians (two groomsmen and their guitars) or the pastor, which I loved. We had friends in the audience stand and read movie quotes. I just could feel everyone that was there and it was amazing. We didn't decorate the church at all beyond putting a vase of flowers, guest book, and basket of program in the back of the church. The Lutheran pastor left all of their traditional vestments up. And best of all this church was filled with beautiful... stained glass! Love! After the ceremony we set our guests walking across the street to the party!

Here are a few photos:
A humorous sign outside the church
Beautiful stained glass!

The teensy little room the boys waited in pre-ceremony...

The back of the beautiful church (and my dad and I entering)

The front of the church and all the pews and guests!

The most amazing 1970s room (also where the ladies got to relax pre-ceremony, haha we got the better end of the deal obviously)
What a great groom holding my flowers ... check out those beautiful pews though!

Me and the lovely altar! With traditional Lutheran decorations up!

 Love & Giggles,