18 January 2010

Versatility and fashion are synonyms.

The Nod. For a moment, I need to speak to the ladies. We've all seen it. We've envied the woman who receives it. We covet the woman who gives it. Once or twice we've basked in the glory of it. It's the nod. And who does it come from? It comes from the most fashionable woman in the room. We know what that nod means: "Well done, good and faithful fashionista." Often times the recipient of that nod is the woman wearing an almost-ahead-of-the-time statement on the world draped over her shoulders.

But if I can be so self-involved as to believe that I can be the giver of the nod for a moment, I would say that the most deserving recipient of the nod is ... the woman who makes everyday fashion look good. We all know this woman, but she is often overlooked for the STF (slave to fashion) in sparkles and spandex. The everyday fashionista makes white collared shirts, black dress pants, clean cut jeans, nude stilettos, and khakis look better than anyone else.

I give her the nod because she probably has a pretty simple closet, not overloaded with clothes, and yet everyday is brand new in the way she wears her fashion. Sometimes its the accessories, sometimes it's wearing the same old pieces in unique and interesting ways. I'm hoping to take a note from this woman's book and begin to try and wear my same-old-same-old's in new and exciting ways. Bring it on, LBD (little black dress)!

My inspiration:

What is your favorite go-to piece of clothing in your closet? 
What are your favorite ways to spice it up?



  1. I've always thought of you as "the woman who makes everyday fashion look"

  2. Thanks, Emily! And I've always thought of you as someone who will totally be fashionably functional in the working world - comfortable & cute blazers, well fitting jeans, great hats!