30 December 2009


Check out this list of Ten Gadgets That Defined The Decade from Engadget:
My opinions...

  • My Number One: Apple iPod
    • It changed the way we use music, end of story. While other mp3 options preceded it, Apple succeeded in making it mainstream, desirable, and the user-friendliness of iTunes made the iPod irreplacable.
  • Most Suprising: Motorola RAZR v3
    • I just never would have thought of a phone. But then I think back to 1998 (an age at which I admit to being too young to have owned a cell phone) and IF someone had a cell phone they were in the minority. The RAZR really did revoluntionize widespread access to a cellular device. And I owned one for a while - and loved it.
  • Not Top Ten Material: ASUS Eee PC 900
    • Okay, I confess that I might just want to kick this one of the list because I am not a netbook fan. I'd like to replace this entire fad with more lightweight, regular-size laptops. End of story.
  • My Addition: WiFi
    • Talk about revolutionary... WiFi made it so we were no longer stationary, we had internet in many locations and on the go. It is what grants social media, online networking, and everything internet so much of its power.
Now what I really want to know is ... What do you think?

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  1. hey ! you are correct in saying that i do not use this blog much anymore myself, but i have a lot of friends who use blogspot.. so thank you for letting me know. i will now silently read your blog from this point on. :]