22 March 2010

Tag, you're social.

I’ll get right to the point, I want to know what you think about location based social media. It’s supposedly all the rage amidst social media in general right now. Everything seems to have its eye on a location-oriented prize. Twitter (by the way, follow me @kristianmk) recently released the ability to broadcast your location with your tweets. That’s the whole point of Foursquare it seems.

I’ve been dutifully checking in all over Springfield, OH and really don’t feel like as a user I have reaped the benefits of Foursquare. The places that I’m going don’t seem to have any “tips” associated with them. I begrudgingly admit that this is possibly because we are in a smaller city in the Midwest – maybe in NYC, Chicago, or Miami the tips are abundant and hotspots are easy to pick out via Foursquare.

In April I’m travelling to Atlanta for a few days an am looking forward to using Foursquare while I’m there – to see if it really makes a difference in how I’m experiencing the city! I also vow to use Foursquare more the next time I’m in Columbus because I’m positive there’s got to be more at least going on there than here.

Okay – so what do you think? Here are a quick article from Social Media Examiner about ways to make geotagging work for your small b2c business, How to Drive More Customers to Your Local Business with Social Geotagging.

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