20 February 2010

Obey Giant

Last night I went to the the Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant exhibit, "Supply And Demand," at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and it was fabulous!

To get in early we (myself, my boyfriend, and friends) decided to become CAC Members, which I am very excited about because this means that not only will we for sure come back and see this awesome exhibit again, but it will be a great way to check out new artists throughout the year as the exhibits change! Plus I'm not very familiar with Cincinnati and it's only 1.5 hours away, so it will be nice to get to know the city!

Anyway, so we went in early and I purchased a limited edition print (one of 450) that was signed and numbered! It's the image to the left! During the interview that was occurring live in the building, Shepard Fairey said that the quote on the print was from a Black Flag song ... in case you were curious. :)

The rest of the exhibit was phenomenal, downstairs he had the art layed directly onto the walls and upstairs there were framed prints, original works on canvas, originals from his very early days in the 1980s, and great little snippets of information about why the artist did the different works.

I highly recommend going to this exhibit! Before you do though, I recommend checking out the artist's website: obeygiant.com to familiarize yourself with his work. Also, do a little research if you can find the time.

Here's the super skinny:
You are meant to be alarmed by the things the works say. Obey Giant wants to shock you into thinking for yourself And there's a lot of political commentaries in the works. He's an artist, he can say what he wants. But beyond that, each piece has intention and goals and you should read the little placards because they open the works up into a whole new dimension.

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